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Alfa Global Airlines Services provide Airlines and Freight Forwarders top quality service based on motivated and dedicated team. We focus on providing full range of cargo activities and operations.
Nasza Misja

About Us

  • Founded in August 2018
  • The youngest and most flexible GSA in Poland and Central Europe created by a team of experts on air cargo market
  • Founding member of Alfa Airlines Services (established in 2012 )  and Global Aviation Cargo (on Spanish market from 1993) 
  • Highly experienced with a lot of know-how
  • Ambitious & Dynamic
  • Willing to invest in a long therm relationship with partner airline

Our Mission

AlfaGlobal offers the best service towards forwarders and the airlines. We commit ourselves to provide all our clients attentive & professional services.

Our aim is to contribute to our partner’s success and satisfaction. 

Our Services
Nasza Misja


Alfa Global Airlines Services provide Airlines and Freight Forwarders top quality service based on motivated and dedicated team. We focus on full range of cargo activities and operations.

  • AWB issue and control
  • Sales & Operations
  • GHA Supervision
  • Follow-up & Tracing Product development
  • Claim handling
  • Invoicing 
  • Internal report system
Why our company?

Why Our Company?

We are pleased to offer our clients:

  • Experienced Cargo Expert  & Motivated team with Maximum Flexibility,
  • In-depth Market Knowledge,
  • High Skills in Marketing & PR,
  • Full Service: From Customer Acquisition until Payment Security, Including ALL Sales/Operations/Finance/Administration/After-Sales Services,
  • Instant Sales & Marketing Implementation,
  • Pro-active Communication towards Airline & Forwarders,
  • Dedicated Key Account management strategy to  support  airlines  top clients,
  • Close Contact with All partners.


  • Experienced, innovative and motivated sales team,
  • In depth local and regional market knowledge,
  • Dedicated key account management strategy to support top clients of each airline,
  • Unique sales strategies based on in-depth market analyses tailored to each airline needs and requirements,
  • Month to month growth in volumes and revenues,
  • Focusing on high yield shipments on special products,
  • Logistics solutions meeting clients’ needs,
  • Everyday contact with clients,
  • Proactive communication towards airlines and forwarders,

Advertising and Marketing

  • Promoting airline services and brand on the market continuously,
  • Very active on the market by publishing newsletters, sending short emails, using social media and organizing face to face meetings,
  • Tailored strategies to airline needs focusing on products, network and additional services,
  • Promoting airlines by attending fairs and industry events,
  • Organization of events dedicated to freight forwarding agents,
  • Cooperation with top industry publications by advertising and publishing press releases,

Customer Service and Operations

  • Experienced with high knowledge operations team,
  • Prompt and adequate reply to all transportation requests of freight forwarders,
  • Monitoring shipments on each stage of transportation,
  • Highest standard of customer service offered daily,
  • Close cooperation and supervision of handling agents and trucking, companies to ensure highest quality service,

Our Team

Agnieszka Grzesiuk
Agnieszka Grzesiuk

General Manager

Łukasz Wężowski
Łukasz Wężowski

Operations Manager

Marta Samoraj
Marta Samoraj

Sales Specialist

Finances and Administration

  • Accurate and punctual payments,
  • Experienced and dedicated finance team and support,
  • Sales and financial reports,
  • Each claim dealt with attention and following airlines procedures,
  • Tailor suited financial system for invoicing, payments and statistics reports,

Special Products

  • 24 hours support on AVI, DGR, HUM, Pharma and other special commodities,
  • Fully in line with IATA regulations and local CAA requirements,
  • Support and dedicated supervision on all stages of transportation,

Our Partners – Cargo Tracking

Alfa Global Airlines Services Sp. z o.o.
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KRS 0000743717
NIP 5223133344

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